Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Prep work photos & progress

Here is a selection of the photos Mike kindly took for me when he called in at the body shop - all metal surfaces inside and out are being stripped totally bare to ensure no trace of rust remains.
I have also received the rear wing repair panels to use as a profile template and will drop then in at the end of the week, Paul at the bodyshop says there has also been more progress since these photos.
Meantime I took some minor pieces that needed rechroming to the plating shop, along with various small parts for passive plating - should be back in about 1 month.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Prep work continues

Called into the bodyshop today. All panels have now been profiled and skimmed and work is now underway with preping the underneath of the car. There is a small amount of work left to do to ensure the swage line in the rear wing panel is correct and also some minor work in the front boot area, replacement of cable ties etc. After this the primer will be going on, as soon as I have pics I will post them.

video of our 65 on the motorway

video of our 65 on the M40 taken by Paul  Donovan