Saturday, February 28, 2009

February update 3

Here are a couple of shots of the car. I have fitted out the drivers door and fixed it to the car, still need to adjust the window etc.
Also fixed the problem with the passenger side rear vent window. The car goes into the body shop this week for some minor work while i am away so hopefully when I get back all paint\body issues will be sorted.
I have installed the scratched rear window for the time being but Mark Poulton has kindly donated one to the project - thanks Mark!
Once I get back it will be the final push to finish the car before the end of March.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

February update 2

Well I haven't had time to blog because I have been rebuilding frantically. I am working hard to get the show finished and present at the Volksworld show here in the UK at the end of March.

So what have I been doing?
  • Revisiting the wiring loom and sorting a few issues
  • Rebuilding the rear drivers side hub seal and brakes
  • Fitting fuel lines and heater cables
  • Replacing the oil filler neck which turned out to be bent and wouldn't allow me to insert the dip stick
  • Refitting the gear lever & steering wheel & headlights
  • Fitting the fronts screen and wipers
  • Trying to fit the rear screen only to find it was very badly scratched and too poor to use - I am on the search for one in the UK and if you have a good quality none heated rear window then post a comment
  • Fitting and finishing trimming of the passenger door and A & B posts
  • Making templates for a new set of 62 specific carpets, some pieces have rough estimates of where exact location of items are, I am waiting for some templates to arrive from Joel in the US to help resolve, thanks Joel. Meanwhile the templates have gone off to Newton Commercial who alreadfy manufacture carpets for various VWs that include original style grommets for all appropriate appertures - I'll let you know how they turn out
  • Taking advice from Paul at Brackley Paint on how to tackle a few minor body issues (some self inflicted during the rebuild) the car goes back to them in a weeks time whilst I am working abroad so that will be excellent timing
Sounds so easy but it has been hard work and loads left to do, so posts will be a bit sporadic while I press on.
Here are some pics of the car and the carpet templates - only items on the passenger side and centre are shown as the drivers side are of course mirror images and the templates can be reversed.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February update 1

I have been struggling to fit the upright chromed pillar that the rear vent window hinges off. There has been much swearing and gentle, and not so gentle, bashing, removing of excess chrome plating, paint and thickness of rubber in the new rear vent seal.
I think I am about there with it now but needed then to remove it all to trim the B post edge.
I have also fitted the rubber\aluminium strip that goes from the rear roof pillar base to base of the front roof pillar, including using the new rubber base strips that I picked up at the VW Classic in the US during 2004.
Finally the passenger door has ben fitted and just needs a little tweaking to get the gaps perfect. So next is finish off a few small things on the passenger side then turn the car around and start on the other side. I need to push on with this as I am hoping that during a week's vacation in the middle of Feb I can finish the majority of the fit out and get the car MOTd (road worthy test) ready for display at the Volksworld show at the end of March.

video of our 65 on the motorway

video of our 65 on the M40 taken by Paul  Donovan