Originally focused on the restoration of my November 1961 built (1962 model year) Type 3 Karmann Ghia (343) I have now extended the blog to cover the ongoing ownership of my 1964 built (1965 model year) RHD type 3 Karmann Ghia (344) purchased in 1982.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

50 years old today!!

It is 50 years today since my Type 34 rolled off the production line at the Karmann factory.  Since leaving Germany it has lived in Denmark, South Africa and England.  In August it went back to Germany as part of the 50 year celebrations.  Lets hope it survives another 50 years.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

November 2011 update

I just got the speedo back from Speedy Cables. I had to send it to them as 50 miles from the end of our trip to Germany it started screaming like a banshee.

They have stripped it and serviced it using some parts from a spare unit I sent them and then fitted it with a new correct style chrome bezel. Looks great, only down side is they used the case from the spare unit and now my 9\61 stamped case is on the wrong unit - ah well its only me that knows!

They also made me up a new LHD speedo cable; the outer case had split and I wondered is water had got into the mechanism through that opening. The new cable has a hole for a split pin like later cars rather than a circlip but identical otherwise. I'll fit everything back together over the next weekend or so, should be ready in time for the cars 50th birthday on November 20th.