Friday, June 03, 2011

Work on my 65 T344

On the last couple of trips out both myself and Theresa noticed that the steering seemed rather vague. I stripped out the petrol tank and spare wheel well so that I could adjust the steering box. First I checked the oil level in the box - nearly empty! I topped it up with the correct EP90 oil and then adjusted both dimensions on the steering box. It is now back to the correct feeling\level of play.
The body work was restored in 1992 and unfortunately I now have a number of issues appearing. There is bubbling around each torsion bar hole, some small areas under the right hand rear bumper corner, bottom of the right hand door and bottom of the right hand front inner wing where it meets the front panel. All of this will have to wait until after the 50th celebration, not what I would have wanted but I would rather do it properly when time and cash permits than rush it.

video of our 65 on the motorway

video of our 65 on the M40 taken by Paul  Donovan