Originally focused on the restoration of my November 1961 built (1962 model year) Type 3 Karmann Ghia (343) I have now extended the blog to cover the ongoing ownership of my 1964 built (1965 model year) RHD type 3 Karmann Ghia (344) purchased in 1982.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The final piece

The only original spec piece missing from my 62 restoration has been a really good set of the correct Lemmertz 15" wheel rim embellishers.
Whilst I managed to pick up a set of correct Lemmertz embellishers, even with the correct date, they were too badly scratched to merit going on the car and stripping\re polishing and anodizing was horrifically expensive.
In the meantime I have been using a really nice set of stainless steel embellishers, not sure what they were off, may have been Volvo and they looked very good although a different profile.
I saw the advert below in the Samba last year for a set of reproduction Lemmertz style embellishers and ordered a set (these are aimed at T14 and T2 and the same as for the early t34). There was a delay in delivery due to some production problems and they finally arrived today. They are a spot on reproduction with the exception that they are not anodised, I will have to consider if I want to make them more scratch resistant and get them anodised or keep polishing out any marks that appear. This is achievable as there were a couple of marks on one due to damage in transit, the marks came out very easily with fine wet and dry and chrome polish.

Francisco at Kaefer Nostalgie persevered with the production and shipped them to me from the US and I am very happy with the end result. Here are photos of the reproduction (Bottom), original 62 with scratches (middle 2) and the stainless embellishers (Top).
Just to clarify following a posted comment - these rim embellishers are aluminum, not stainless steel - it was the ones I originaly fitted that were stainless